In its performances, the international duo, blends circus disciplines with the irony and lightness of street theater.

With acrobatics, hand to hand, juggling, theater and comedy Circo Frico tells the stories which has lived, of which has been part of and which has seen during the journeys made in the years.

Trips and experiences, stories and people enter in the creation opening new points of view, donating perfumes and shades and the freedom to research a personal style of performing.  


Circo Frico borns in Bibione (Italy - Ve) in August 2014 during volunteering experience with disabled people with Dinsi Une Man association, where they present the first extemporaneous version of their show Bibi2.

The meeting between Klara (Cz) and Mattia (Ita) happens however in Mardin, Turkey, in September 2013, where they take part of international circus project I’m Festival.

Afterwards Klara starts teaching early rudiments of pair acrobatics to Mattia, since that time more focused on juggling.

Their path continue together, enriching of technique and experiences, also thanks to the journeys and the meetings, specially in Athens with the company Cirk de Votanik and Barcelona to the workshops of circus school Rogelio Rivel and the conventions at La Central del Circ.

During their trips they perform in the squares and at festivals also of Sydney (Aus), Wellington (NZ), Budapest (Hun), etc. as well as in their country of origin.

Nowadays they work and cultivate their art especially between Italy, in spaces as Circo all’inCirca and Ottagono and Czech Republic at Cirqueon, Center for new circus in Prague.   


Klára studied VOŠH - Acter's Colle-

ge in Prague. She got experiences

in czech and slovak theatres (Pří-

bram theatre of A.Dvořák, Interna-

tional theatre Meteorit in Bratislava

,...)She also founded her own

theatre company Taking Off Com-

pany. Later on she became speaker

and moderator in many tv progra-

ms and in radio as well. She tried

dabing, made couple commercial

spots and appeared in small roles

in czech series. 

In 2011 she is discovering new circus - thanks to Center for New Circus CIRQUEON.

In 2013 Klára performs in big project Christmas Carol in theatre Hybernia in Prague. And soon she appears as an acrobat also in other theatres (Nové divadlo in Plzeň, Městské divadlo Karlovy Vary, Rockopera, Minor theatre, National theatre), in baroque opera projects, cooperats with Cirkus Mlejn,, Cirgue Garuda, Airgym, duo Brother's in trick and found Circo Frico duo with her italian partner. As a circus lector she worked in Cirkus Mlejn and Cirqueon.

She is doing aerial acrobatics on silk, hoop, hammock and net, then pair acrobatics on silk and straps but mostly acrobalance and hand to hand. As she loves to travel, most of all she loves to do circus all around the world as for example in project Cirque Lanka 2017 (Sri Lanka).

                                                 Since he was a child has been art and                                                        artifacts appasionate.

                                                 In 2003 enrolls in arts’ school of Udine                                                      and in the period, together with a group                                                    of friends, discovers juggling and                                                                performing, which engages him intensely                                                  and that after few years he leaves to                                                          follow others paths.

                                                 He gets again pleasently involved in it                                                        only in 2012 thanks to the friend Davide                                                    ‘Viso’ Visintini who invite him for his first                                                  juggling convention in Rome and with                                                        whom founds juggling duo ‘PassParDut’. Then, after the meeting with ‘Circo all’inCirca’ (Udine) and his partner Klara, he can learn more and more the circus and theater techniques, finding in particular the discipline of hand to hand.

Part of his formation occur during his numerous trips; significant are the meeting with ‘Cirk de Votanik’ (Athens), the workshops at Rogelio Rivel’s circus school (Barcellona) and the people of Cirqueon and club Mlejn (Prague). With the latters had collaborated giving classes for children and amateurs for one year and half in 2016/17.

At present, besides Circo Frico, he his part of the company and teachers’ team of Circo all’inCirca and performer in the company of Bratri v Tricku (Prague).       Klara +420 602339460  Mattia +39 3454654046

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