Bibi2 is a physical dialogue set in the land of human relationship. Long distances and indispensable bonds outline a scene with a beckettian flavour: a man and a woman are trying to express the traits of their own personalities inside their couple relationship. Freedom or constraint?

Two bare chairs establish the scenography of a life spent learning how to “sit” in the world, how to find your right place into the universe, in which one day you casually found yourselves while searching the way back. Two identical chairs for two different worlds, czech and and italian, man and woman, normal and illogical.

The question that the artists ask to the audience seems to be: does a balance point between two worlds apparently opposed exists? And if it does, is it found in the simple compromise of an unsteady equilibrium, or will it be able to last longer than the time of an acrobatic trick?

A non-verbal beckett which asks itself if the irregular does exist or if it’s just a different point of view of reality?

The performance has its origin from a research work conducted at the volunteering community ‘Dinsi Une Man’, which accompany people with physical and intellectual disability for summer holidays. The reflection in fact goes beyond the relation man/woman and the scene doesn’t stops at the circus trick. Through their bodies the artists tell the wonder of the challenge of diversity, propose alternative solutions to a difficult dialogue which becomes dance.

Contemporary circus performance thought for theatrical spaces, uses elements of physical theatre, acrobatics, hand to hand and objects’ manipulation. Suitable for an audience starting from 6 years old as it propose different reading levels: you can appreciate the execution of circus tricks themselves, or get into the interpretation of circus language as a metaphor of life.

Technical needs: plain and regular flooring, wood or linoleum, minimum 8x7 m, height 6m - electric power, audio system adequate to the space.

Helped with dramaturgy and direction:  Davide Perissutti

Lenght: 50 minutes


Project supported by:       Klara +420 602339460  Mattia +39 3454654046

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